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Understanding ESG
ESG investors in China need to be more engaged with the companies they invest in because companies tend to use a lack of investor interest as an excuse for not actively pursuing their sustainability targets, according to a new study.
25 May 2023
The materials, innovation and capital needed to limit global warming are not equally distributed around the world. Ensuring that all economies can achieve the transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and meet their climate goals will require scaling up cross-border flows of goods, services, financing and intangibles
18 May 2023
As temperatures rise, the Himalayas are experiencing accelerated glacial melt, with dire consequences for water supplies and ecosystems far and wide. Unfortunately, the current reshuffling of the world order could overlook one of the most critical threats to global stability
12 May 2023
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest so-called “synthesis report” warns that the world must act immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or risk catastrophic global warming. But the summary approved by member states reflects political wrangling over key passages and downplays promising, feasible solutions
8 May 2023
The Philippines is lagging behind its Southeast Asian peers when it comes to the adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, experts say, and a key reason could be the lack of a “forcing mechanism” to push listed companies to follow internationally recognized sustainability standards.
3 May 2023
Five-day commuting to city centre offices has largest carbon footprint of any working model
24 Apr 2023
Fintech’s success due to combination of reduction via green computing tech, substitution, offsets
24 Apr 2023
Financial institutions are ramping up efforts to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into their operations, but the dearth of talent to handle the task is frustrating their sustainability drive. The Asset talks with Paddy Balfour, the Singapore-based executive director, Asia, at Acre, an executive search and talent development firm specializing in the recruitment for senior roles in the fields of sustainability, ESG, impact investing, environment and energy, clean technology and corporate affairs and communications for over 20 years.
18 Apr 2023
New transnational threats such as climate change and pandemics require international financial institutions to redefine the fundamentals of growth, strengthen their operating models and foster greater international cooperation. With global shocks showing no signs of abating, united action must become the new normal
15 Apr 2023
In 2010, when Ken Caldeira and David Keith published “The Need for Climate Engineering Research,” proposals to combat climate change by intervening in planetary systems had virtually no support. That is no longer the case
15 Apr 2023
Previously lack of standardized disclosure, data gaps, made evaluation challenging in Asia
4 Apr 2023
Upticks in materials, capital goods, board diversification, and improved capital structures, focus on efficiency, emissions
28 Mar 2023
Allianz Global investors (AllianzGI) has launched a proprietary digital platform that provides access to environmental, social and governance (ESG) data. The Sustainability Insights Engine (SusIE) is a web-based user interface that computes external ESG data from multiple providers as well as AllianzGI proprietary scores and research inputs.
27 Mar 2023