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Understanding ESG
With the devastating effects of climate change already bearing down on the world’s urban areas, ambitious decarbonization and adaptation promises from municipal leaders could not come soon enough. But making good on these commitments requires scaling up the tools for collecting and analyzing the right information
18 Jan 2022
Signatories to the Paris climate agreement must revisit and strengthen the pledges they made in COP26 for the world to reach the target net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
17 Jan 2022
Asset Benchmark Research reveals the Best CEOs in Asia as part of The Asset ESG Corporate Awards 2021
4 Jan 2022
As private equity (PE) firms seek to expand the sustainability of their portfolios in 2022, many limited partners (LPs) are concerned that increasing scrutiny and reporting of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues may generate negative publicity that could impact their investments.
21 Dec 2021
Emissions in 2022 to hit record high as fossil fuels meet energy demand, pre-Covid parity in 2023
20 Dec 2021
Asia-Pacific women equal 47% of employees, have greatest regional representation in senior positions
20 Dec 2021
there is a growing urgency for the alignment of numerous taxonomies that have proliferated over the past few years to get better data and consistent regulation.
20 Dec 2021
Treating the pandemic, climate change, lost public trust, and geopolitical tensions as standalone issues will get us nowhere. Each problem operates in a feedback loop with the others, demanding more holistic thinking and novel strategies to make up for the shortcomings of conventional global governance
17 Dec 2021
Xinting Jia has extensive experience in ESG policy formation, implementation and stewardship
15 Dec 2021
As COP26 showed, the system in place to address climate change is unsuited to meeting current global goals. Achieving the necessary collective mobilization will require leaders to follow the late Nobel laureate economist Elinor Ostrom’s core principles for managing the commons effectively
14 Dec 2021
Recognizing the different levels of energy transition between emerging market and developed market companies, Amundi Asset Management is introducing a new rating system that assesses the companies’ efforts in decarbonizing their operations and the development of their sustainable activities.
10 Dec 2021
Asset owners in the Asia-Pacific are increasingly addressing climate risk in their portfolios.
8 Dec 2021
Success in achieving net-zero emissions requires broad buy-in from the entire private sector, not just publicly listed companies. Fortunately, the rapid rollout of Covid-19 vaccines shows what can be accomplished when traditional organizational and sectoral silos are ignored in the interest of a common cause
8 Dec 2021