Citi welcomes 500 students to Asia-Pacific summer internship programme
Participants in Hong Kong, China and Korea will do hands-on apprenticeship in bank’s offices
18 Jun 2021 | The Asset

Citi will begin its summer internship programme in Asia-Pacific on June 21, welcoming over 500 students who are in their penultimate year of college or university. Three markets in the region – China, Hong Kong and Korea – will give summer interns the opportunity to do their programmes in Citi offices. Summer internships across nine other markets in the region will remain fully virtual.

The programme comprises 13 different programmes supporting a range of the bank’s different businesses across 12 of the bank’s markets. In China, Hong Kong and Korea, where applicable Covid-19 regulations have permitted having more employees in the workplace, Citi is offering summer interns the option to work in the bank’s offices, on a purely voluntary basis. Opportunities to work in Citi’s offices will vary by respective business programmes in the market.

The nine markets offering completely virtual internships include Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Stephen Cronin, Asia-Pacific head of human resources, says: “Where we have the opportunity to offer in-person internships, our summer interns will be able to benefit from in-person collaboration as well as apprenticeship and on-the-job learning. We believe there are material advantages to being physically together and where we have the flexibility to offer our interns these experiences, we are doing so. Our virtual internships remain carefully structured and are designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience, giving all our interns, regardless of their location, an understanding of Citi and the financial services industry as they chart out possibilities for their future.”

Citi’s summer internship programme is a 10-week programme aimed at high-achieving students in their penultimate college year and offers hands-on work exposure, as well as mentorship and training. Summer interns have the opportunity, depending on their performance, to secure a spot in Citi’s full-time analyst programme once they graduate. The full- time analyst programme is a two- year programme giving entry-level hires access to networking, mentorship and ongoing training and development.

This year’s summer interns comprise 528 students, of which 57% are female, compared with a 49% female representation in 2020.

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