Pakistan nuclear power plant unit enters commissioning phase
China's CNNC is the general contractor and reactor supplier for the project
28 Apr 2021 | Michael Marray

The third unit of the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) is expected to be completed this year, after the second unit was connected to the national grid in late March. Both K2 and K3 are 1.1GW Hualong One reactor units of Chinese design.

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is the general contractor and reactor supplier for the project through its overseas nuclear project platform China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation (CZEC).

On April 22 CNNC said Unit 3 successfully conducted a cold hydrostatic test of its primary circuit, marking the moment the unit entered the commissioning stage, following its installation. The test was witnessed by officials of the Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority and the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, which is the owner of the entire project.

Cold functional testing is a comprehensive test of whether the key components and systems of the nuclear reactor are properly installed and ready to operate in a cold condition. Its main purpose is to verify the security of the primary circuit and components as well as the function of relevant components and systems. It is the first comprehensive test of the reactor's performance.

Unit 2 is the world’s second operating Hualong One nuclear reactor, with the first one in China. More than 80% of the estimated project cost is being financed through a loan from China’s state-owned Export-Import (Exim) Bank.

Unit 5 of China's Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant is the world's first demonstration project for China's indigenous third-generation nuclear power technology Hualong One, also known as HPR1000. It was put into commercial operation in January. This marked a milestone in the development of China’s nuclear power, making China the fourth country to domestically develop third-generation nuclear power technology after the United States, France and Russia. CNNC developed and designed Hualong One, and holds its intellectual property rights. 

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